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1- The Transhumanism/AI Agenda in Hollywood: West World, Upgrade, Altered Carbon

What is Transhumanism? Essentially, it is the merging of man and machine. More specifically, it’s about making the machine more human, and the human into a cyborg-like machine. The goal is to turn us into obedient subservient robots who’ll do the Elites’ bidding without questioning their agenda or their authority.

Big Tech out of Silicon Valley is working extremely hard at this for decades now, perfecting the technology. Along with their push for the ‘internet of things’, they want us implanted with RFID chips, hence, the coronavirus vaccination agenda, ID 2020 and Microsoft’s patent 060606.

How do they condition the masses to accept the oncoming transhumanist agenda? Simple, like they’ve always done. Through Hollywood’s subtle yet pervasive conditioning system. Let’s look at one series which combines Transhumanism and AI, West World.

WestWorld airs on HBO. It is in its 3rd season and packs an all-star line-up from Sir Anthony Hopkins, to Ed Harris, Aaron Paul, Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, and Evan Rachel Wood with the lead role of Dolores Abernathie. Quick synopsis: it is set in the near future, about a Western-themed park where visitors interact with ‘automatons’. SPOILER ALERT: You don’t want to continue with this episode if you’ve yet to watch this show.

This show is brilliant because it combines elements most notably from The Terminator franchise, as well as Blade Runner. A world of AI cloned robots, what can go wrong?! Right. The Robots slowly become self-aware, and plan to destroy the theme park and break into our real world. The human characters get lost into this whirlwind world of WestWorld, some even questioning their own reality, some trying to upload their conscience into the Robots/Automatons in order to escape mortality, some helping the Robots. In this world, the humans live by a system of classification ordained by an AI supercomputer. Everything in your life is now pre-determined by this classification system, and if the AI deems you’re a disruptor, you’re designated as an ‘outlier’ and thus separated from the rest of society, albeit, indefinitely, frozen in tubes. Sounds familiar?? Can you say MATRIX?!

The way the show’s creators and producers have intertwined transhumanism, and AI, and transcending consciousness into a robotic vessel, it is all part of the Elite’s agenda for us to accept this at some point in the near future, as another form of ‘the new normal’. The Elites, whom most are hybrid reptilian-humanoids, already have this technology in their possession. They already clone their human body suits which they wear when they’re out in public and have to attend ceremonies or whatnot. They already have the sorcery to move their conscience from one vessel to another. Like in the Netflix series ‘Altered Carbon’, where they call the body a ‘sleeve’ and conscience aka person’s identity a ‘stack’, same concept here. Where else do you think these Hollywood execs get their ideas from??? Is this conjecture? Or facts? Or Conspiracy, you do the digging, you uncover the truth on your own. I drop breadcrumbs, you do the research on your own at your own pace. I recommend using DuckDuckGo as a search engine as Google’s algorithms tend to disfavor real truth sites. Not always, but most of the time.

Then you got a show like UPLOAD on Amazon’s PrimeVideo streaming service. It’s also set in the near future. In a world where we don’t necessarily have to die, you have the choice now to Upload your Consciousness into a Digital World of your choosing, think of it like Sims, but for the Afterlife. Only 1 season so far, but once again, they show a classification system based on points. Something right out of current day China. In Upload, you can talk to your living friends, they can call you anytime, and you live on forever in a simulation of reality… like, very much so similar to The Matrix trilogy. Wow. Amazing isn’t it? How strange and what a coincidence that so many movies and shows are trying to psychologically condition the masses to merge with robots, become cyborgs, upload their spirit-identity (aka consciousness), and live happily ever after forever and ever and ever. There definitely isn’t any kind of agenda here. SARCASM INTENDED!

I hope you’re starting to see all the dots, and are starting to connect them. It’s not difficult to posit the fact that Hollywood and Big Tech and Intelligence Agencies are working in unison to prepare the population to accept what they’ve been planning for decades. Transforming humanity into slaves of the Elites. We’re already there, but we still have Free Will and Sovereignty over our own actions. We can protest, we can speak out and we can become activists if we chose to. In a world where the transhumanist agenda is fulfilled, there won’t be riots or revolutions, we’d be completely subdued and totally under their control. Scary pictures being painted I know, but I’m just putting a warning out there, don’t buy into or fall prey to their cunning sophisticated deception.

2- Okay alright, let’s switch gears into something else that’s part of the dark underbelly of Hollywood. No not satanism, or pedophilia, we all know those things exist and I’ll discuss them in another episode. I wanted to talk about Cloning.

Recently, one of those Kardashians put out a pic, I think it’s Khloe, fuck who knows, they’re all made out of plastic and hard to tell them apart. Anyways, she puts out a picture on her social media feed, and it looks like a completely different person. Yea, there are some similarities, but man, it doesn’t look like the original Khloe. So, is it a clone? I believe so. Or it could just be more plastic surgery, even though they all say they never did any…. Riiiiiiight.

That’s it, I won’t give any Kardashian any more thought or airtime, they already get enough. NEXT!!!

Okay okay, I’ll talk bit more about human cloning. Is that technology out there, you bet your ass it is. Remember, the Elites suppress advanced technology from the 99%, or at the very least, they keep it only for themselves. They already have teleportation, interstellar travel, anti-gravity technology, warp speed, unlimited renewable clean energy, after all, they did steal all of Nikola Tesla’s blueprints, and have reverse engineered extra-terrestrial / extra-dimensional tech from UFOs they’ve recovered. There’s also secret alliances between the US Military and negative polarity beings (namely Dracos and Greys) but that’s a big topic for another day. Back to cloning. In my honest opinion, from extensive research, I believe it does exist, and I believe the Elites are capable of transferring their conscience from one cloned body to another cloned body, to perpetually live forever. That’s how they always are a few steps ahead of us and are able to carry out their plans for the most part, unopposed.

3- Speaking of Elites, let’s delve into that shall we. I’ll try to keep it concise and get straight to the point because it is a HUGE topic which we can devote many episodes to.

So whenever I refer to the Elites, I am of course referring to the 1%, the Rothschild Cabal. These are family dynasties which span centuries, millenia, inbred because they’re all about keeping the purity of their satanic bloodline intact. There’s been lots of documentaries and books written about this subject. I’ll give you my take on it.

There are 13 bloodlines, all which trace their lineage back to their master, their false god, Lucifer. Their belief system is the inverted version of monotheism. Meaning to them the God who created Adam and Eve is evil, and Lucifer is the one full of love and mercy. What’s evil is good and what’s holy is evil. It’s upside down backwards. I don’t want to get lost here because as I said this is quite an extensive topic, but these Elites are cold-blooded merciless greedy corrupt bloodthirsty megalomaniacal psychotic sociopaths who couldn’t give a flying fuck about humanity, they use us like pawns in their games for control and domination. These bloodlines vie for control of earth, and have carved out the land for their personal profits and pleasure. Should we fear them? I say, NO. That’s what they want, isn’t it. They want fear, they want suffering, they want chaos and pain and agony and wars and bloodshed. They love seeing us kill each other. The families in question have been identified as the Rothschild family, the Bruce family, the Kennedys, the Medici family, the House of Hanover, the House of Hapsburg, the Krupp family, the House of Plantagenet, the Rockefeller family, the House of Romanov, the Sinclair family, the Warburg family and the House of Windsor. Honestly, without us, without the 99%, they are absolutely NOTHING, even with all the wealth they’ve hoarded throughout their miserable existence. They got NOTHING without US.

Truth be told, it is our apathy, our acquiescence, our complacency, that gives them power. However, you must always keep in mind, they are the few, they cannot possibly rule over the entire world if we all revolted and rejected their reign over humanity. They control us by means of fear, by means of manipulation, by way of social engineering (look up Tavistock Institute), by means of psychological conditioning, they use their lackeys in government and in media and in various other industries, to ensure our servitude, we still live in a serfdom, yet, many are completely oblivious to it. Yes, we can buy houses and cars and travel (well not so much these days) but they are the creditors, the lenders, they own and run the central banks of the world. We, Humanity, are their cattle. Well, time’s up for them I say.

Raise your Frequency. Elevate your Consciousness. Beware of their Tricks, of their sophisticated means of decoys, deception, deflection and divisiveness. Don’t let them instigate race or religion wars or whatever other excuses they’ll conjure up to make us hate each, or mistrust each other, or annihilate one another. They’ll make you hate muslims because these sick Elite fucks created a bastardized version of the faith, called it Wahhabism, which is completely the opposite of everything that’s holy to Islam, and use that radical demented ideology to wreack havoc all over the Middle East and the rest of the world. They did the same with Judaism, they created a radical political ideology called Zionism, which is in fact diametrically opposed to Judaism, and use it to push their Satanic / Luciferian New World Order to usher in their false messiah, the Anti-Christ. They went after the Holy Sites of the 3 abrahamic faiths, and silently took them over, and now control them. So when I see Jews or Christians or Muslims beefing with each other, I’m completely baffled because they’ve been so deceived unfortunately. They’ve been made to hate each other, instead of focusing their energies on their common enemy, the Luciferic Anti-Christ Illuminati Elites. It’s time to set your differences aside, realize you share more commonalities than you originally thought. It’s sad though, because even in those religious circles, they’ve been infiltrated by agents from secret societies who work tirelessly to subvert the wisdom of God and use it for their own personal gains.

I want to stress one thing: Do NOT confuse God’s Laws with Man’s Flaws. Religions are another big topic we can discuss in future episodes. For now, focus on the Elites, don’t let them turn you against your fellow brother or sister of humanity. You’re smarter and bigger than that. I know you are.

With that, I conclude the 2nd episode of the Breaking The Matrix podcast. Thank you for tuning it once again, and as always, it’s been truly an honor to be your humble guide down this rabbit hole.

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